1. PROPERTY OWNERS all Properties
    • RENTING OUT - Please incorporate the following in your lease agreement when you rent out your property
      • Main points from Residents Page
      • Renting your property and car parking space to Airbnb and similar short-term rental organisations is not permitted under the terms of the leases
    • Parking - If you appoint managing agents, please be sure they know where your private parking bay is located.
    • Private parking bays cannot be advertised and let to a third party, (unless it is on an informal basis to another resident on the estate). The leases specify that your parking bay can only be rented for use by the occupant of your property and can only be sold as part of the sale of your property, not as a separate title.
    • Alterations - Please do not undertake any alterations to your property without first seeking written approval from the lessor/manager. If you contravene your lease in this regard, you will be obliged to restore everything to how it was, at your expense.
    • If you have any building work done, please ensure that all rubbish relating to the work is taken away immediately. If builders’ rubble is not promptly removed at the end of the working day or if builders/tradesmen damage any of the common parts, you will be charged for any remedial work, removal costs.
    • Windows - Must be Rehau brand, the supplier is Rayleigh Glass (tel 01702 52323) and the cost of replacement is at owners expense.
    • - If you require a builder's skip, please write beforehand to the Association asking permission. Skips cannot be left anywhere on the estate, except in your private parking bay.
    • Please note the Association can only attend to the maintenance of common parts areas in Maltings Place. If your tenants have any internal problems with your property, please ensure they know to contact you, or your managing agent and not us.
    • Insurance Claim - If you have a reason to make a buildings insurance claim, please contact us before undertaking any repairs. The policy is in the name of the Maltings Residents Association and we have to submit any claim on your behalf.
  3. PROPERTY OWNERS Houses/Hybrids Only
    • Decorating - Your lease requires you to woodstain all your outside window and front door frames every four years (from 1984). The colour must be uniform for all and it is Sadolin Extra Woodstain in colour Mahogany. Your lease also requires the inside of your property to be repainted every seven years (again, from 1984).
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