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    • Private parking bays are for your own use only (or for the use of any of your visitors if you do not have a vehicle). It is not permitted to let them out to a third party unless it is on an informal basis to another resident on the estate.
    • Please tell your visitors/tradesmen not to park anywhere, even for a short time, on the estate roads or in someone else's parking bay. Patrols operate continuously on the estate and getting clamped or towed away is very expensive and frustrating and also totally avoidable.
    • If you find someone has parked a vehicle in your private bay, please leave a note asking that the vehicle be moved because it is usually a simple misunderstanding. Contact us to have a vehicle moved as a last resort.
    • While you are waiting to get a vehicle moved out of your parking space, please park off the estate to avoid being clamped yourself.
    • No commercial vehicles are permitted to park in any of the privately-owned parking bays.
    • Any cost of damage or loss of the padlock/key to a drop down bollard (if you have paid for one in your private parking bay) is your responsibility to repair/replace.
    • The estate is checked regularly, but if you notice anything in the communal areas, for instance a light is not working or a paving stone has broken, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    • No Barbecue - Due to insurance policy restrictions no barbecue or outdoor parties of any kind are allowed in any of the gardens or other communal areas in Maltings Place.
    • No outdoor furniture or plant tubs Again, due to insurance policy restrictions, no outdoor furniture or plant tubs/window boxes can be left outside your property, on the pavements, or in any of the garden communal areas.
    • No Visible Washing - Please do not put out clothes or washing of any kind out to dry in the communal gardens or in view of other residents. Similarly, you are asked not to hang any washing in the windows of your property as a consideration to others.
    • Satellite Dishes - The leases prohibit the installation of any sort of satellite dish/aerial on the outside of any of the properties. You can be connected to satellite channels (at your expense) via communal dishes already installed. Contact us for details.
    • Estate Agent Boards - The leases prohibit the display of any advertising boards, including estate agent boards either affixed to your property or on any of the estate's railings and walls.
    • Bicycles - cannot be affixed to any lampposts on the estate, they will be removed as an obstruction. Please keep your bicycle either inside your property or in one of the two bike storage areas on the estate. Bicycles are left there at owners' risk.
    • Motorbikes - Pleasse keep your motorbike in your private parking bay as if it is parked anywhere else on the estate, it will be removed as an obstruction.
    • Refuse - Please put all your household refuse inside the communal bins provided for your property. To combat an ongoing fox/rodent problem, please do not leave any rubbish beside the bins or outside your property.
    • Please separate your refuse and use the recycling bins provided. You can request/obtain recycling bags from the Council's depot in Bagleys Lane.
    • Power Cu - Should there be a major powercut, the electric gates for vehicular access/exit will not open. Please contact us as there is a key on site to open the gates manually.
    • Noise - Please do not play your television, radio or music system loud enough to offend your neighbours.
    • If you are planning on having a party, please advise all those likely to be within earshot well in advance.
    • Doors - Please close your front and landing doors as quietly as possible for the benefit of your fellow occupiers and do not wedge open any of the landing doors as they must be kept closed for fire safety reasons.
    • Electric Heating - If you have air convector heaters, please ensure they are kept clear of obstruction and never covered as this is a serious fire hazard.
    • Obstructions - To meet fire regulations, please do not leave an obstruction of any kind in your block's common part hallways and stairwells.
    • If there are complaints about the noise from wooden floors, under the terms of the lease, floor covering will be required.
    • No Pets - under the terms of the lease, are permitted to be kept in any of the flats.
    • Security/Safety - Please contact us if there are any problems with the communal front door lock, outside intercom system or common parts fire alarm systems/fire extinguishers.
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